Autonoleggio Costa Smeralda

Insurance Conditions

Insurance Conditions Excerpt
Liability Insurance Policy (RCA)
Under the existing laws (Legislative Decree n. 209 of 7 September 2005 and subsequent
amendments and additions), all vehicles used by Cars&bikes are insured for civil liability (RCA).

These vehicles are insured with leading Italian insurance companies.
The RCA used by Cars&bikes guarantees insurance coverage for civil liability towards third parties
with respect to persons, things, animals.

The person carried on the vehicle is treated as the third party.
The insurance does not cover:
-damages to body and personal items suffered by the driver;
-damages to items suffered by drivers’ family members and cohabitants. The insurance has no
-if the driver is not enabled to drive according to the law prescriptions;
-if the transportation is not compliant with the law prescriptions or what indicated on the
registration certificate;
-in the case of a vehicle driven by a person while intoxicated and/or under the influence of drugs,
or to which a sanction has been imposed under Articles 186 and 187 of the Highway Code.
The maximum is unique and compliant with the limits prescribed by law.